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Steel Market 2012

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dinsdag 6 maart t/m woensdag 7 maart 2012
Düsseldorf (D)

16th Handelsblatt Annual Conference “Steel Market 2012”
6 and 7 March 2012, Hilton, Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf, December 2011. The World Steel Association anticipates a growth in the global demand for steel in 2012. However, the predicted growth in demand of 5.4 per cent will be lower than the levels seen in the last two years. The fourth quarter of 2011 was characterised, not only in Europe but also in China, by a lower demand for steel and a reduction in inventory levels. Nevertheless, the steel industry is looking ahead positively to the new year, in spite of all of the uncertainties. The developments in raw material prices, as well as the framework conditions provided by climate and energy policies, continue to be a challenge for the sector.

The 16th Handelsblatt Annual Conference “Steel Market 2012” (6 and 7 March 2012, Düsseldorf) will offer an insight into the varying trends in the steel markets in Germany and Europe, as well as in Russia, India and Japan. Hans Jürgen Kerkhoff, President of the German Steel Federation, will address the current situation in the German steel industry to mark the opening of the conference. The special challenges faced by the European steel market will be discussed by Dr Antoine Van Schooten (Arcelor Mittal). Dr Thomas Veraszto (OAO Severstal) will explain how the Russian company Severstal has positioned itself in the international market. Vikram Amin (Essar Steel Business Group) and Kazuo Mike Fujisawa (JFE Steel Corporation) will describe the developments in the Indian and Asian markets.

Sustainability versus the steel industry?

Alongside the strategies being followed by major international players, the conference will address the competitive advantages available to steel companies in the area of “sustainability”.
Prof. Dr Dr h.c. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker (United Nations Environment Programme UNEP) will emphasise the important role of heavy industry on the path towards a climate-friendly economy. In conjunction with Dr Karlheinz Blessing (Dillinger Hüttenwerke), Werner Ressing (Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology) and Sakari Tamminen (Rautaruuki Corporation), Prof. von Weizsäcker will discuss the price that can be paid for the good of the environment.

“Volatile and long-term increases in raw material and energy prices, liquidity, CO2 regulations and sustainability are the main topics – alongside the debt crisis – that are already influencing global competition in many different ways. The challenges to be overcome by the steel industry are immense and do not offer opportunities for everybody,” according to Erwin Bronk (PricewaterhouseCoopers AG) in advance of the Handelsblatt Annual Conference. “Sustainable activity is no longer a USP but rather a necessity. It is also against this criterion that the steel industry must be measured in the future,” emphasised the steel expert. He will demonstrate how the topics of sustainability, raw materials and changes in energy policy will influence the steel industry over the next few years.

The Handelsblatt Annual Conference “Steel Market” has established itself over the last 15 years as a meeting point in springtime for the German and international steel industries. Participants and speakers rate the conference as one of the best events for the steel sector. The 360-degree perspective, from raw materials, production and financing through to customers, has been viewed positively for many years.

The complete conference programme can be viewed on the Internet at:

Further information about the conference programme

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