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dinsdag 19 november t/m zaterdag 23 november 2013
Parijs (F)




from 19th to 22nd november at the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre



Despite a still difficult economic situation, the level of bookings, as of 12th September, was exactly the same as last year. Looked at in detail, however, there has been an increase of around 10% in the number of international exhibitors and a roughly equivalent drop in exhibitors from France. This is likely to be due to the difficulties that France and its suffering industry are experiencing, balanced out, so far as the show goes, by the efforts made over recent years by MIDEST to attract foreign companies and so to reinforce its position as the world’s leading industrial subcontracting show.

Despite the economic rocks, MIDEST 2013 has rounded the cape and is coordinating new activities and special operations in support of industrial subcontracting. These include focusing on a sector for the future, energy, and, for the first time, choosing a non-European country, South Africa, as its country of the year. There will also be a special Algerian programme and an initiative aimed at making the mechanical engineering trades attractive to girls undertaken by the FIM (mechanical engineering federation). These highlights will be accompanied by a completely new web site designed to help its visitors carry out searches all year long, to raise the profile of the various sectors of industrial subcontracting and to broadcast market news.



MIDEST, an increasingly international show


MIDEST attracted 1,721 exhibitors in 2012 and bookings on 12th September of this year were the same as those for one year previously. Therefore, barring the unexpected, it is reasonable to forecast that the 2013 show should match last year’s and once again attract large numbers of high quality exhibitors.

In detail, although French subcontracting continues to account for the bulk of what is on show at MIDEST and to make up some 60% of the exhibitors, the regional pavilions have suffered a 12% drop compared with last year. Nevertheless, the pavilions of the 16 French regions still total nearly 600 companies and occupy around 5,700 m². In contrast to 2012, this fall, which is mirrored by the situation in the sectors, has been made good this year by a strong growth in the foreign presence, boosting the international standing and reach of the show—something that the organizers have made major investments in over recent years.

As a result, MIDEST’s foreign partners now bring with them almost 700 companies; and the increase as of 12th September was in excess of 10% both in terms of exhibitor numbers and exhibition space to a level never before achieved in the show’s long history. Currently, there are bookings from over 30 countries, and a score of these are organizing official pavilions in the joint venture sector. There has been a surge in the European presence and particularly from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Bulgaria, Poland and Lithuania, which is exhibiting for the first time. Exhibitors from Asia and Africa are maintaining their 2012 levels.

So far as the sectors are concerned, although plastics and forging-foundry are slightly down at present compared with last year; wood, electricals/electronics, materials/semi-finished products, finishing/surface treatments/thermal treatments and machining/screw cutting/special machines are showing growth. The other sectors, microtechniques, fastenings, shaping and cutting metals/fabrication, and industry services, are stable.




Numerous events


Once again this year, MIDEST is highlighting certain developments in global industry. To this end, it is focusing on energy, one of its most dynamic sectors, through a number of lectures and broadcasts from the TV studio involving some of its big hitters. It has also chosen its first non-European country of the year, South Africa, the latest member of the select BRICS club, which is represented by its DTI (Department of Trade & Industry). Another African country, Algeria, which is in the midst of rapid industrial development, will also be the subject of a special programme.  In a further new initiative for 2013, the FIM (mechanical engineering federation), CETIM and a number of member associations at the show are organizing a visit to promote the mechanical trades to girls in conjunction with the Elles bougent association.

This year’s show will also be continuing to promote regulars such as the MIDEST Awards, which provide recognition for the excellence of subcontractors, as well as organizing some sixty free lectures, some short, some extensive on the latest technical, strategic and economic advances. CETIM, the mechanical engineering technical centre, will once again be overseeing the Technology Centres.


A new web site


In order to stimulate the subcontracting market beyond the four days of the actual show, MIDEST has considerably boosted and developed its web site over recent years. And it has done so successfully, as is apparent from the fact that 50% of the total number of visits made during the year are made between January and September. Over recent months, www.midest.com has been completely rebuilt in terms both of its design and content. Mid April saw the debut of several different universes corresponding to the show’s major sectors of activity with the aim of providing site visitors with even more real time market information. Starting in September, visitors have also enjoyed the benefit of a more powerful search engine to help them find subcontractors. The goal is to exceed the 2.15 million or so page impressions of 2012, a figure that was 11% up on the previous year, and the 291,000 visits. The MIDEST 2013 mobile app also allows users to search for exhibitors by activity or country, to locate them on the plan, manage their diary, consult the conference and events programme, comment via the show’s social media and exchange details by scanning the QR codes on their badges…

In parallel, MIDEST has also stepped up its presence on the various social networks: Viadeo, where it now has over 1,500 members, Twitter with more than 700 followers, LinkedIn for English-speaking contacts and Facebook. 

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