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donderdag 6 december t/m vrijdag 7 december 2012


6 december 2012           



New joining techniques are necessary due to higher demands

The expanding growth of miniature components and the high integration level of the micro systems call for new joining techniques in constantly smaller dimensions.


Visit the seminar and learn about the latest developments within the field of micro-joining

To help companies stay up to date with these new developments and techniques, Mikrocentrum has organized a special seminar. On December 6th many international speakers will share their perspective on the developments within the field of micro-joining.


Some of the topics discussed:

– Reliable electrical micro-joining for applications with long lifetime expectations

– Electron beam structuration of Titanium Materials for Medical Application

– Laser Micro-joining: Processes and applications in R&D

– Mass production with micron accuracy

– Micro bonding vs. Macro bonding

– Micro-joining: the adhesive bonding approach

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