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maandag 22 juni t/m donderdag 25 juni 2015

LASER World of PHOTONICS Start-up World

The innovation platform for young photonics companies

For the first time, LASER World of PHOTONICS, being held from 22-25 June at the Messe München site, will be offering its own marketplace for young up-and-coming companies. The new exhibition area “Start-up World” is being created in collaboration with Anwendungszentrum GmbH Oberpfaffenhofen (AZO). In parallel with this, prizes will be awarded to the best ideas from the Photonics competition. The jury chairman and sponsor of the initiative is Falk Strascheg, a successful company founder and experienced venture capitalist.


Start-up companies are at the very heart of an innovative economy: their pioneering inventions yield benefits for established companies and society alike. A marketplace is essential to ensure such companies’ market entry, and thus their existence. With its international network of companies and trade fairs, the LASER World of PHOTONICS in June is a unique platform for innovation: Fledgling companies are able to present their products to a wide industrial audience at the trade fair and get in touch with potential investors.


The Photonics innovation competition

The Photonics competition being organized as part of Start-up World, covers the entire gamut of optical technologies in two categories. Besides a general category including all aspects of the optical technologies sector, there is 3-D printing with its own dedicated prize category. The competition is open to national and international technology sector start-up companies that are not more than five years old. The prerequisite is the presentation of products or prototypes ready for market, which are on the verge of, or are in, the market implementation phase. The registration deadline for potential applicants and partners is 7 April – 10 May.


Jury of experts awards prizes to best innovations

A jury of experts is being appointed to select the winners. Falk Strascheg will chair the jury and support the initiative as its patron. Strascheg possesses the best possible credentials for this role: as a successful company founder and very experienced venture capitalist, he is intimately acquainted with the specifics of the photonics industry and boasts a superlative investor network. Mr. Strascheg welcomes the assignment and emphasizes the importance of the start-up platform: “After the founding phase, market access is a critical milestone for young companies. The LASER World of PHOTONICS is the ideal platform for such companies to develop an industry network and attract potential investors.” This expert is convinced of the benefits for both young and already established companies alike: “Start-up companies are an important source of innovative ideas. There is a real transfer of knowledge on platforms such as these. Established photonics industry players also have the opportunity to meet highly talented, potential employees.”


Experienced organizer: Anwendungszentrum Oberpfaffenhofen

Messe München’s cooperation partner and the organizer of the initiative is Anwendungszentrum GmbH Oberpfaffenhofen (AZO). As an experienced specialist in developing and cultivating international innovation networks and organizing competitions, the AZO supports product innovations and the setting up of companies, especially in the commercial space applications arena. “With our start-up initiative, we and Messe München are targeting our support at helping young photonics companies to enter the market”, Thorsten Rudolph, AZO’s CEO explained. “In particular, what we are doing with the new innovation platform is fostering a global dialog between company founders and industrial contacts.”


Communication platform for industrial partners

Start-up World is also beneficial for partners and sponsors: in addition to direct contact with start-up companies they receive a brand platform and are actively engaged in the communication work covering all facets of the new initiative.


Benefits for Bavaria as a technology location

Dr. Reinhard Pfeiffer, Deputy CEO, Messe München GmbH speaks from experience: “We first unveiled the start-up format at AUTOMATICA 2014. The groundswell of approval from visitors, exhibitors and press representatives demonstrates the relevance of the topic and for us it is a sign of success.” On the role of the initiative, Pfeiffer said: “The objective is to increase the innovative capability of technology trade fairs in Munich. As trade organizers we want to be pioneers and a source of stimulus. Transferring this concept to other Messe München events will further strengthen Bavaria as a technology location.”



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