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dinsdag 16 juni t/m zaterdag 20 juni 2015
Düsseldorf (D)

Exhibitor numbers and space bookings at a very high level

ecoMetals campaign will be presenting innovative technologies for an energy- and resource-efficient future

The four metallurgy trade fairs GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS and NEWCAST are coming closer and closer and it is apparent that the events from 16. to 20. June 2015 with the motto “The Bright World of Metals” will once again be providing a complete picture of the international market.


Registration has been excellent, so that the number of exhibitors and space bookings are at a similarly high level to four years ago – in spite of a number of mergers in the industry. Now that all the companies registered received their confirmations at the end of November, GIFA will be covering almost 43,000 square metres. METEC will also be its usual large size at 20,800 square metres. THERMPROCESS has grown somewhat to a size of 10,100 square metres. At the present time, NEWCAST is still slightly below the level reached at the previous event. “There will be substantial positive changes here, however, since experience has shown that the foundries only register to exhibit their castings at a relatively late stage”, explains NEWCAST Project Manager Janike Rotthoff. Almost 6,000 square metres had, however, already been booked by the end of November.


All four of the trade fairs are the key events in their industry and will have an extremely international focus. They concentrate on metals and the complex, innovative methods used to process them. All in all, almost 2,000 exhibitors will be presenting the latest technology and cutting-edge innovations in 12 halls on the Düsseldorf exhibition site.


Director Friedrich-Georg Kehrer is delighted by the good registration figures for the “Bright World of Metals”: “In contrast to many capital goods trade fairs at other locations, there is no sign of a decline of any kind at our four trade fairs. The four events hold an almost unrivalled position anywhere in the world. Düsseldorf is the only place where companies reach the entire global market and this is vital for their business operations.”


The “Bright World of Metals” 2015 is taking place in Halls 3 to 17 on the Düsseldorf exhibition site and will therefore be the outstanding investment trade fair of the year in Düsseldorf.


GIFA: market leaders with a strong presence

As in the past, GIFA is the biggest of the four trade fairs and makes as young and energetic an impression as ever in spite of being almost 60 years old. Informative pictograms will give it an even clearer structure this time in Halls 10 to 13 and 15 to 17. The easily understandable symbols will indicate directly how to reach the individual areas. A clear explanation is also given in the hall layout at For example, GIFA is now divided up into die-casting and peripheral equipment in Hall 11, gating and feeding technology in Hall 12, foundry chemistry in Hall 12 too, pattern, mould and core making as well as foundry machinery and plants in Halls 15 to 17.


With its Technical Forum and the GIFA Conference, it is not simply an event for placing technology orders but also a high-quality lecture and conference forum. The emphasis is on the latest technical innovations from the research pipeline, the aim of which is to be implemented directly in practical operation.


The range presented at GIFA covers the entire market for foundry plants and equipment, die-casting machines and melting operations. Measurement and testing technology and the complex environmental protection and waste disposal field also play a prominent role at GIFA, however.


The excellent booking situation for GIFA is already reflected, among other things, in the fact that the top global players in the industry have already decided to participate. In the die-casting field, the exhibitors include the German manufacturers Bühler and Frech and the Italian company Italpresse, while such market leaders in the foundry and foundry chemistry fields as the German companies Hüttenes-Albertus, Foseco ABB Automation, Künkel-Wagner, Heinrich-Wagner/Sinto, ASK Chemicals, the Austrian company Fill, the Spanish company Loramendi or the Danish company DISA will be taking part too.


NEWCAST: from foundry machines to castings

NEWCAST has proved to be a successful concept: launched in 2003 as the youngest member of the “Bright World of Metals”, it immediately attracted a global response from both exhibitors and visitors. In addition to the practical presentation of castings in the exhibition halls, NEWCAST also offers information about research findings. The NEWCAST Forum, for example, the focus of which is on direct contact with industry experts, provides an interesting insight into the technical and scientific progress that has been made in foundry technology. The NEWCAST Award honours the most innovative and creative castings from the industry too.


Anyone who wants to see all the different products that can be manufactured on foundry machines is at exactly the right place when he comes to NEWCAST. Everything here revolves around ferrous and non-ferrous metal castings. Trade representatives, logistic companies and service providers present their products in Halls 13 and 14 on the Düsseldorf exhibition site too, however. The market leaders who are exhibiting at NEWCAST include the German companies Georg Fischer Automotive, Claas Guss, KSM Castings, Gießerei Heunisch and Finoba Automotive.


The central trade fair for the entire metal industry

The major plant manufacturers are a key feature of METEC in Halls 3 to 5 of the Düsseldorf exhibition site. Suppliers of plant and equipment for iron making, steel making and non-ferrous metal production and for casting and forming molten steel as well as rolling and steel mills have  a particularly impressive presence at METEC. The biggest players at METEC include the German company SMS SIEMAG, SIEMENS/MITSUBISHI, the Italian company DANIELI or the Chinese company SINOSTEEL. The international metallurgical trade fair is, in addition, a comprehensive platform for all metallurgical companies that operate in the environmental protection and waste disposal field.


METEC has been a success in Düsseldorf for 35 years now and is the undisputed leader in its industry. METEC is not just a presentation platform for companies, however; it also provides a programme of additional events with excellent speakers. This programme includes the European Metallurgical Steel Technology and Application Days (ESTAD), which focus on raw materials, fireproofing, coking, blast furnaces and iron and steel making, the communication forum known as the European Metallurgical Conference (EMC) for non-ferrous metallurgy experts, which covers the entire light metal field, and the trade conference Pb Zn 2015. At the Lead & Zinc Symposium, everything revolves around extractive metallurgy and processing concepts.


THERMPROCESS: a success story that has lasted more than 40 years

The heat really is on at the fourth of the trade fairs in Halls 9 and 10: industrial furnaces, industrial heat treatment plants and thermal processes are the main features of the exhibits at THERMPROCESS. The fair will be showcasing the crème de la crème of thermprocess technology suppliers, with the British company Inductotherm and the top German companies LOI Thermprocess, ALD Vacuum Technologies, SMS Siemag, ABP Induction, Otto Junker and Maerz Andritz – the world market leaders in the industry.


A broad insight into the latest developments in the heat engineering field will be given by the additional events that will be taking place at THERMPROCESS. At the THERMPROCESS Symposium, for example, experts hold discussions about technical innovations relating to heat treatment and modern energy engineering plant concepts. The Symposium is organised by the VDMA thermprocess technology trade association. The emphasis at the FOGI Special Show organised by Forschungsgemeinschaft Industrieofenbau e.V. (FOGI) is on the heating, smelting and casting of metals, heating technology as well as the heat and surface treatment of metal, ceramics and glass.


Innovative ecoMetals campaign

Minimisation of energy consumption and resource input is vital in the energy-intensive industries that are covered by GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS and NEWCAST. This is why Messe Düsseldorf in 2011 launched the ecoMetals campaign, in which companies participate that have made a particular name for themselves in these fields. Exhibitors are allowed to join in if they focus particularly strongly on energy saving in production, make efficient use of materials and resources in their operations, opt to a large extent for renewable energy sources and climate-friendly use of them, carry out optimised energy controlling and optimise their technology to minimise energy consumption and resource input. Messe Düsseldorf will be offering visitors guided highlight tours to the ecoMetals participants in German and English during the “Bright World of Metals” 2015.


All information about GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS und NEWCAST as well as the current list of all the exhibitors can be found in the Internet too via the link (German) and (English).


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