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donderdag 18 mei 2017 t/m vrijdag 19 mei 2017
Aachen (D)
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Since 1948 the Aachen Machine Tool Colloquium has given trend-setting impulses for production technology in a 3 year cycle. With more than 1000 participants as well as industrial and scientific experts, the AWK has established itself as an important platform for exchanging future perspectives for production technology.
According to the general topic

“Internet of Production for Agile Enterprises”

describes the real-time capable and secure availability of information at any time and any place. This competitive advantage through information, aggregated in real-time, allows new dimensions of adaption and agility in terms of implementation.The AWK 2017 offers you various approaches and strategies regarding the Internet of Production in two parallel series of talks including technical and keynote lectures as well as five plenary speeches from science and industry.

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