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maandag 15 oktober 2012 t/m dinsdag 16 oktober 2012
Seraing (B)

Workshop – µPrinting of functional material deposition – Save the date


The Sirris Microfabrication AppLication Lab (SMALL) at Sirris is active in the field of micro deposition and printed electronics by Aerosol Jet Printing technology (AJP). This new technology is very interesting in terms of material deposition on many types of substrates. If you want to learn more about how to improve in material deposition, you should definitely attend this workshop.


In order to gather ideas supported by industrial companies and to help industry innovate, Sirris and its SMALL laboratory equipped with AJP technology, invites people from industry to this workshop at the Sirris’ ‘µPrinting Day’.


During this event, experts in Aerosol Jet printing technologies from OPTOMEC, a recognized leader in the field of additive manufacturing, will be present.


Preliminary agenda:



Aerosol Jet Printing, a technology with very high potential for material deposition

Case studies


Demonstration of functional printing (live)


15/10/2012 in the afternoon at Seraing


Contact Sirris: 
Laurent Seronveaux, tel. +32 4 361 87 36
Denis Vandormael, tel. +32 4 361 87 19

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